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Never before has the story of Our Lady been told like this. Be part of the incredible journey that begins before time itself, when Mary was only an Eternal Thought in the Mind of God, to her time on earth when she raised our Savior, to the unfolding of her role in the early Church, to the days when she made roses bloom on the hillsides of Mexico and a miraculous spring of water rise from the ground in Lourdes, to the day she made the sun dance at Fatima, and to today.

At key points in history, her intercession and guidance has shifted the tide of humanity’s fate back toward her Son and away from the serpent who seeks our destruction.
Reinvigorate a love and devotion to Mary in your parish with Queen of Heaven which illuminates:

• Mary’s life in scripture and her role in God’s plan of salvation
• Why Jesus gives us Mary as our own mother, why he crowned her Queen of Heaven, and what that means for us
• Mary’s significant role after her earthly life in bringing souls to her Son and battling Satan in the world
• How Mary is still active in our lives today, leading us to Jesus

Take your parish family on a journey into the distant reaches of time and through the winding path of humanity’s history, to discover the woman who, from the very beginning, was destined to be our Mother. . . our Queen.

Stress Free Set-up!
Effective and comprehensive Leader Guides and Resources give you all the tools you need to easily run a program

Build Attendance!
Our beautiful materials, stunning video, and compelling content has proven to increase parish engagement and reach more parishioners
Faith into Action!
More than a Bible stud y, more than discussion, Queen of Heaven will inspire parishioners to live out what they have learned

Richness of the Faith!
Drawing from the Bible, the Catechism, popes, saints, and historical docu-ments, Queen of Heaven is a dynamic program featuring the breadth of the Church’s rich teaching




Leonardo Defilippis

More than a dozen experts:
Tim Staples (author, apologist, speaker)
Fr. Chris Alar
Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD
Brendan McGuire, PhD
Sr. Mary Andre Thelen
Fr. Dominic Legge, OP
Paul Thigpen, PhD
Mary Healy, PhD
Carrie Gress, PhD
Jesse Romero
Dr. Jem Sullivan, PhD
David Carollo
Deacon Bob Ellis
Martha Fernandez Sardinas
…and more!

Scheduling Options:

- Eight 90-minute sessions
- Weekend Retreats


Beautiful, full-color Study Guide Leader Guide
DVD and Streaming Video Leader Resources

Products and Pricing:

- Leader Pack (Leader Guide, Study Guide, 4 DVDs + Streaming) $149.95
- Study Guide $24.95
- Leader Guide $14.95






1. Teaching

2. Life Application

3. Living it Out

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