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Suggested 90 minute Session

1. Home Preparation - Lesson Readings & Study Questions prepared (recommended)
2. Opening Prayer
3. Teaching Video
4. Lesson Review Discussion
5. Life Application Discussion
6. Pastoral Life Application Video
7. Break
8. How Then Shall We Live
9. Living It Out
10. Closing Prayer

Pre-Lesson:  Participant Preparation

Materials found in the Study Guide. Lesson Readings & Study Questions answered, where possible
Scripture and Catechism references are provided for each lesson

Leader Led Opening (10 minutes)

Prayer for guidance and grace before embarking on each lesson to be prayed as a group

Prior Session Recap (Lessons 2-18)
A brief review of what was covered in the previous lesson
Leader reads or summarizes from their Leader Guide
*Note – In Lesson 1 there is no Prior Session Recap. This time can be spent with an icebreaker activityoors of Mercy study.  

An introductory passage written on each lesson’s content
This can be read aloud, or summarized if participants have read it before class.

Watch Teaching Video (10-12 minutes)

First video session
Dr. Paul Thigpen presents each lesson that is enhanced by music and visual aids.
Lesson highlights and a personal notes section are provided for participants in the Study Guide.
Leader Guide contains more detailed notes from the video teaching for each Small Group Discussion Leader to assist discussion.

 ------------- Break into small groups of 8-10 for discussion -----------

Small Group Discussion (40 minutes)

Part I:  Digging Deeper
Questions from study guide to be discussed by the group to review key highlights.

Part II:  Reflections
Life application questions from study guide pertaining to participants own lives.

Break (5 minutes)

Time to have the group take a break and return to the larger group.

 Watch Life Application Video (5 minutes)

Second Video Session
Fr. Kirby takes us to Rome and Assisi and he shares a compelling pastoral message to challenge us to discern and live out what we learn.

Applying The Lessons To Our Daily Lives (15-18 minutes)

How Then Shall We Live?
Brief passage to consider and close out discussion which helps participants identify areas in their lives where they can live out mercy and God’s plan for them.
To be read or summarized by the Leader.

Living It Out
After reading and discussing How Then Shall We Live?, participants discern and write specific actions God is calling them to take that week based on the valuable insights from each lesson.  
This focused effort fuels an active decision to make daily changes in their lives.       
Participants to take a few minutes to pray silently then write their plan of action in their Study Guide to begin to live more fully in God’s mercy.
Leader can invite participants to briefly share their thoughts if they wish.

Closing Prayer
The session closes with the Our Father or another chosen prayer

Post-lesson: Bonus Elements
In the study guide for self-study

 Words to Know –Key terms for all participants to know with definitions. These are introduced in the video, and for review here.

 Suggested Readings –A list of suggested books participants can read for a deeper understanding of God’s mercy and his various covenants.  

 Inspirational bonus passages and quotes in three categories:

Catechism Connections –Supporting references from the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Voices of the Saints –Words from the holiest men and women on God’s mercy
Rome to Home  – The wise teachings from the Popes on mercy


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