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Become a TAN Books Affiliate

Join the TAN Books family of publishers in spreading the riches of our Catholic faith by participating in our affiliate program. Earn a referral fee for online purchases made by TAN Books customers that come to our site from yours.

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How do I join the TAN Books Affiliate Program?

TAN Books has partnered with Commission Junction (CJ) to provide our affiliates with a comprehensive, easy to use affiliate program. In order to join our program you must already be a CJ Publisher or Become a CJ Publisher. Once logged into CJ you can apply for our program from your member area through CJ Account Manager. TAN Books closely reviews all applications and reserves the right to approve or reject any application, or remove any existing affiliate from the program at any time.

Earning Commissions

As an affiliate what am I earning commission on?

TAN Books will pay you 15% commission off the total purchase amount when a customer originates from a link or ad on your site that sends them to

Do I get paid per click?

You do not get paid on the click from your site to ours. Instead, you're paid a 15% commission on any purchase that originated from your link.

If I send a user to your site and they do not immediately purchase, will I still receive credit?

Of course! As long as the new customer makes their purchase within the 45 day referral period, you will earn your 15% commission.

Tracking / Reporting

 How are the ads I place on my site tracked?

Each TAN Books ad/link you place on your site will have a unique identifier specific to you. This unique identifier is passed through to so we can accurately track the revenue generated from the users that originated on your site.

Where can I get data and reporting?

Through your member area in Commission Junction you can pull reports, monitor traffic, and track commission earned, 24/7.CJ reports your clicks using real-time tracking. However, commission tracking sometimes takes longer. Information for any particular day will be available to view in your reporting the following day.

How do I get paid?

Commission Junction will pay you directly for the commission earned for a specific month for the TAN Books Affiliate Program. CJ aggregates each Publisher's total commissions earned each month from all advertisers the Publisher partners with within the CJ Marketplace, and if this amount exceeds the minimum payout, CJ sends a paycheck (or direct deposit) in the Publisher's designated currency. To learn more you should reference your CJ Publisher Service Agreement.

 Creative / Linking

 How many TAN Books links or banners can I display on my site?

Affiliates may display as many links and banners as they choose.

I want to deep link to specific pages. Is there an easy way to do this?

Yes. TAN Books offers a Text Link generator via the Commission Junction SmartLink tool that allows you to create a “deep link” to any page on the TAN Books website. Please contact CJ support for more help on how to find and use this feature.

Does TAN Books offer special discounts or deals?

TAN Books frequently offers special discounts and deals to our customers. If you are interested in promoting these deals to your visitors via an affiliate link, please sign up for our email newsletters for the latest news on current special offers.

Will I get credit for clicking on my own affiliate links for making purchases?

No. TAN Books and Commission Junction actively monitor affiliate sales. Please note that attempts to artificially inflate your own commissions (whether for “testing” or otherwise) is considered fraud, strictly prohibited, and subject to legal action. All affiliate sales must be generated as the result of a qualified user clicking on the ads. All affiliates should refrain from clicking their own ads. TAN Books reserves the right to remove any affiliate from our program at any time.

International Affiliates

Can I participate if I reside outside the United States?

Yes. Commission Junction makes it very easy for publishers to work with all advertisers. CJ will pay you in whichever currency you selected when you initially signed up.

How do I obtain a W-9 tax form?

Please contact a Commission Junction representative. TAN Books does not need your W-8/W-9, since payments are made through CJ. However CJ will in order to make payments. They will provide you with all information you need in order to start receiving payment for earned commission.

About Commission Junction

Commission Junction is the world's largest affiliate marketing network, with top advertisers across all categories including publishing.

  • The network of choice for 58% of Internet Retailer Top 500 companies.
  • Simple 2-step application so you can start earning commission today.
  • Broad selection of offers and links, plus customizable content.

Does Commission Junction offer Customer Support?

Yes, Commission Junction has a dedicated and knowledgeable service team that answers emails and phone calls from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST) Monday through Friday. The CJ Marketplace also has a robust support area where you can search for the information you need regarding site functionality and account questions. Visit for additional information.

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